As part of our educational outreach mission, RCT offers SOL-compliant in-school residencies as a theatre enrichment option for schools in our community. These programs come with preparation packages, study guides, in-class instruction by RCT ’s professional educators, and follow up materials. These courses can be offered over several days to a class level, or in one day to multiple classrooms.

3rd Grade: RCT Readers Theatre

Length: 60 minutes

Students will learn all about bringing a script to life by putting on a radio play! RCT Readers Theatre allows youth to enhance their literacy skills by experiencing learning in a new and creative manner. While playing with the script, youth can try reading words in different ways, using pitch, stress, and intonation, readers study the text while practicing reading out loud, clearly and expressively with attention on enunciation, diction and volume. RCT Readers Theatre is a highly motivational strategy that connects oral reading, literature, and drama; requiring only a script and a few creative theatre elements, students read aloud and discover that using only their voices, facial expressions, and bodies, they interpret the emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and motives of the characters all the while impacting reading fluency and improving sight-word vocabulary and reading comprehension.

4th Grade: Jamestown

Length: 60 minutes

Students will spend the day with the Virginia Company exploring the colonist search for gold & silver. They will learn why the colonist picked Jamestown and what hardships they incurred. This fun play will allow students to learn about the fundamentals of play production all while reinforcing their Virginia social studies curriculum.

5th Grade: Colonial Times Letters

Length: 60 minutes

RCT Colonial Times Letters allows youth to enhance their writing skills by experiencing learning in a new theatrical manner all while impacting writing skills, teaching letter form, and encouraging the next generation of writers. Colonial Times Letters is a highly motivational strategy that connects Civil War, Communication and Writing standards of learning in unique and dramatic way. Students will be inspired to create their best work when they are introduced to our Creative Writing Competition. Winning letter submissions will be performed by professional actors on the RCT stage and will be presented with a certificate of accomplishment.

Cooking It!

Length: 60 minutes

Cooking It! is an original musical play designed to facilitate healthy eating and address childhood obesity. After a week long residency in an elementary school, actors from RCT and 4th grade students will perform for the rest of the school. Puppets, music, dance and fun are all entwined to teach youth that healthy eating can be as delicious as fast foods, sugary snacks and soda. Join "Brock Broccoli," "Brussel Sprout" and "Refined Sugar" as they engage your students in this unique participatory approach to a healthier school.

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Residency Materials

NEW!-Residency Performance Evaluation Form

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3rd: Readers Theatre Guide

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4th: Jamestown Guide

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5th: Colonial Times Letters Guide

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5th: Colonial Times Letters Competition Handout

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